Immunomodulator on the basis of Lactobacillus bulgaricus strain LB51®



DEODAN® is an entirely biological product, a lysate from Lactobacillus bulgaricus “I. Bogdanov patent strain tumoronecroticance B-51” ATCC #21815, shortly called “LB51®“. The biologically active components are the muramil-containing glycopeptides from the cell walls of “LB51®“. Apart from that DEODAN® contains essential a-amino-acids, nucleotides, nucleosides, organic polyphosphates and other cytoplasmic components from the cells of “LB51®“, which do play an important role in the processes of regeneration in the organism.

Pharmacological properties

DEODAN®, with its active components turns out to be a modulator of the nonspecific immune response and a potent stimulator of the regeneration processes, especially of the stromal bone marrow cells.


DEODAN® is applied in human medicine as immunomodulating preparation, stimulating the processes of regeneration of the bone marrow. The preparation is to be applied as follows: – as THERAPEUTIC agent treating the heavy damages caused by chemo- and/or radiation therapy – leucopenia, trombocitopenia, gastrointestinal complaints; – as PROTECTIVE agent against the harmful side effects resulting from the chemo- and/or radiation therapy; – on convalescent patients after bacterial and or viral infections; – on senile and presenile conditions of insufficiency of the regeneration processes; – as a part of the complex oncologic therapy.


Two – three times daily – 3-6 grams (1-2 bags, suspended in 50 ml water), half an hour before meals. For children – 3 g (1 bag) once or twice a day before meals. The continuation of the treatment with the preparation depends on the condition of every single patient, and could last for months. Anyway, to obtain a therapeutic effect in any case the application of DEODAN® should be not less than 10 days. When there are chronic diseases and/or conditions of renal, liver or heart insufficiency it is not necessary to change the dosage and the continuation of the DEODAN® treatment.


There are no counter-indications for the application of DEODAN®. As it is seen from the indications, counter-indications for the application of the preparation are not even the heavy damages of the organisms (which are usually a reason to limit any other drug therapy).


There is no evidence for harmful influence of DEODAN® during pregnancy or lactation, driving vehicles and working with machines.

Side effects

Side effects have not been observed.

Interaction with other pharmaceuticals

Negative interactions with other pharmaceuticals have not been observed.


Because of its absolute harmlessness the preparation could be applied even in much more greater doses – depending on the severity of the illness and/or the symptoms which should be overcome. That gives the possibility to find the optimal dosage for each patient.


Bags of 3 grams of substance, 5 bags in a box with a leaflet.


Store in a dry airy place at room temperature.

Expiry term

3 years.